Foto Focus: The Honeycutters & Jon Stickley Trio - World Cafe Event (February 23, 2016)

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ARTISTS:  The Honeycutters & Jon Stickley Trio  - World Cafe Event​

VENUE:  The Grey Eagle - Asheville, NC

DATE:  February 23, 2016

Photos By:  David J. Simchock

The Honeycutters - 2016-02-23 (Asheville, NC)The Honeycutters - 2016-02-23 (Asheville, NC)© Copyright David J. Simchock I think I need to pinch myself about what happened at The Grey Eagle in Asheville on Tuesday night...

Let it be known that I witnessed, if not participated in, history in-the-making in Asheville, particularly within our awe-inspiring music scene. Though these days it is all too common to find the city of Asheville on some trendy magazine's Top 10 "list du jour", none of that compares to what The Honeycutters and the Jon Stickley Trio did for the city's reputation at the special World Cafe taping (with David Dye of WXPN fame).

 am so incredibly proud of all of the band members of both groups, and of all of the other folks and fans who were instrumental in making last night's performances such a huge success. Given my past photography work with WXPN during my day's in the Philly area, I went into the evening knowing how important such a World Cafe feature can be for an artist on a national, if not international, level. But, as the night went on, and as David Dye's insightful interviews delved deeper and deeper into the inspiration behind the artists, I realized how huge this event was/is for all of the musicians in Asheville, if not everyone in the city. Oh, and the actual performances were pretty bad-ass as well!

The Honeycutters - 2016-02-23 (Asheville, NC)The Honeycutters - 2016-02-23 (Asheville, NC)© Copyright David J. Simchock I am so incredibly lucky to be part of this creative culture, and to personally know these artists, and to have been called upon to document the event last night (Thanks, WNCW, as well as Erin Scholze of Dreamspider Publicity and Events!!!). I can only hope that I did things justice, and created a few million pixels that will go down in history, capturing the huge buzz that floated around the venue throughout the evening -- a buzz that is certain to carry on into the future.

Amanda Platt, Matthew Smith (and the rest of the Honeycutters), Jon Stickley, Lyndsay Pruett and Patrick Armitage (aka the Jon Stickley Trio), you all did a wonderful job last night. You kicked ass. We are all very, very proud of you. On behalf of the rest of the city, we wish you continued success in your journey.

Finally, a special thanks to the folks at WXPN for heading south to see what's going on down here. It was a pleasure to once again be part of a WXPN special event. May this not be the last!

I hope that my photos from the evening do justice to how huge this night was for us all.



Jon Stickley Trio - 2016-02-23 (Asheville, NC)Jon Stickley Trio - 2016-02-23 (Asheville, NC)© Copyright David J. Simchock




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