Front Row Focus | Foto Focus: Infamous Stringdusters (January 13, 2017)

Foto Focus: Infamous Stringdusters (January 13, 2017)

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ARTIST:  The Infamous Stringdusters

VENUE:  The Orange Peel - Asheville, NC

DATE:  January 13, 2017

Photos By:  David Simchock

Just because it's January in the mountains doesn't mean that things aren't going to heat up at The Orange Peel. I mean this in the figurative sense, of course, but the 60-degree weather we've been having gave cause for the The Peel management to keep the Big-ass Fan humming throughout this winter evening, helping to cool things off in the room but not on the stage. Though it's been a while since I caught an Infamous Stringdusters show at The Peel, I did catch their show at Pisgah Brewing Company a few months back. and I was excited to catch them again on the day of the release of their latest album, Laws Of Gravity.

Nonetheless, I was looking forward to covering my first big-ish show of 2017, and what better way to kick things than a two-set energy-infused bluegrass jam with such a talented bunch of fellas? And, not only was the capacity crowd given their money's worth from the band, but they had a couple of guests join in for a couple of songs (Jon Stickley and Billy "Strings" Apostol) for a mind-blowing jam coined "Guitarmageddon". Woah. Acoustic guitar picking doesn't get much better than this! 

From a photography perspective, the Stringdusters are always fun to shoot. Never ones to stand still for too long, their habits of playing off each other makes for endless photo ops. I do find the five mic stands to be a challenge when attempting to compose unobstructed shots, but that only adds to the satisfaction when I pull off a full band shot, with nothing major blocking the band members (see below). Props go out to their Lighting Designer/Director, who keeps it mixed up and colorful for the entire show.

The Infamous Stringdusters 2017-01-13 (Asheville, NC)The Infamous Stringdusters 2017-01-13 (Asheville, NC)© Copyright David Simchock



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