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What happened to the original Front Row Focus e-zine?
David launched the original Front Row Focus site back in 2014, along with his then-partner, Beth (who did most of the writing).

FRF was never meant to become a full-blown commercial venture, and was more of a vehicle for David to gain experience and network himself in the Asheville / WNC music scene.

After a successful four-year run, David decided to retire the endeavor, and focus on his core business activities.

Now that the momentum has been established for his music photography projects, he has decided to re-launch the site but with an emphasis on providing a spotlight for his clients (and, of course, for his own photography).
Where is Front Row Focus based?
FRF / David Simchock Photography is officially based in Brevard, North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains about 45 minutes from Asheville, NC. David is available globally.
Which genres of music do you feature in FRF?
All types of artists, concerts, and festivals are considered from rock and roll, to jam bands, to bluegrass, to country, to solo singer-songwriters, to hip hop, and beyond.
How can an artist or festival be featured in Front Row Focus?
FRF 2.0 isn't exactly an e-zine like the original FRF site, although David is still interested in posting gig reviews (and previews), aka "Gig Stories".

As David's availability is limited, priority is given to clients -- artists, venues, producers, etc. In this respect, promotion on the FRF site is a special service that he offers his music photography clients.

That said, if you are not currently a client and you would like to be featured on the FRF site, and have David photograph your show (or arrange a promo shoot), then please contact him via "Collab photo shoot w/ DSP" button on the Contact FRF/DSP page.

What are "Gig Stories"?
Great question!

As a professional photographer, FRF's founder, David Simchock, prides himself as a "visual storyteller", so it was only natural to carry that remit over to his Front Row Focus presence.

Rather than simply have a "news" feed with the standard concert reviews that we see on all of the other music blogs, David plans on expanding on what's found elsewhere, while always highlighting the visual side of the music business, and the stories that go with it.

FRF Gig Stories will include:

* Concert Previews & Reviews

* Festival Previews & Reviews

* "Photo Focus" Spotlights on Artists

* "Behind The Scenes" stories about artists, as well as music industry support staff

* An occasional album review

* Photo Shoot / Image Breakdowns from a Photography Perspective

* More!

Is Front Row Focus yet another "music blog", in a crowded world of WordPress music blogs? What's so special about FRF?
When the original FRF was launched in 2014, yes, it was like many of the music blogs / e-zines that we see nowadays (but, there's weren't nearly as many back in 2014). What's makes the 2.0 version different:

1. It's "photo-centric", produced by a seasoned *professional* music photographer, featuring world-class photography above and beyond what today's typical e-zines feature. David has no desire to make FRF the next Rolling Stone magazine.

2. David did not revive FRF because he wants free tickets to shows in exchange for photographing them, nor to simply satisfy his own enjoyment of music photography (but he does love it!), nor even to build up his portfolio. There's much more to it, with the emphasis (i.e., the "focus") being on the featured artists for their benefit.

Think of FRF as a special service for DSP clients, where David helps them to promote themselves via his exceptional visual storytelling.

3. There are no distracting ads on the site. That said, if David is posting a concert preview, review, or "in focus" feature, he will most-definitely include a link to buy tickets (on preview features), or links to tour dates, etc on review and "in focus" features.
So, then is Front Row Focus a "pay to play" publication?
That is not the intention of FRF, although as noted above, David gives featured priority to his clients. As he is the only contributing photographer (apart from, perhaps, festivals), his time and creative energy are limited, so FRF is more of an added service / benefit that he offers those he collaborates with on a professional level.

Does that mean only paying clients can be featured on the site? Not necessarily, as David will sometimes use the site to help build relationships for DSP, while also helping to promote his "friends" and favorite artists in the music business.
How can I become a Front Row Focus contributor?
Though the original version of Front Row Focus did seek contributions from freelance photographers and writers, FRF 2.0 is dedicated solely to the work of David Simchock.

That said...

WRITERS: There may be opportunity for concert review writers to collaborate with David for gigs in the Asheville / Western NC region. If you are interested in reviewing shows, please contact David.

FESTIVALS: David would love to put teams together to cover a few big festivals over the course of the year. This will likely require two or three more photographers in addition to David. If you would like to register interest, please contact him and he will review your experience and portfolio.

How can I become a professional music photographer?
Music photography, though very enjoyable, is also very challenging from both a creative and commercial perspective. It can take years to hone your skills, and can take equally as long to break into paid gigs.

That said, David can help you on your journey!

He currently offers private photography and computer / digital workflow instruction, and will soon be launching online courses and a "Music Photography Mentor Program".

If you are interested in being coached or mentored by David, click the link on the Contact FRF/DSP page, "Become a Photo Pit Boss".

Where can I find more information about David Simchock Photography (DSP)?
Best bet is to start with the home page of the main DSP website, and then take things from there:


Still have questions?
David will do his best to answer them!


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