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Front Row Focus - FAQFront Row Focus - FAQ

Which genres of music do you feature in Front Row Focus?

All types of concerts and festivals are considered.


Is there a print version of Front Row Focus?

No.  We are strictly an on-line publication.


For how long have you been a publication?

Front Row Focus was launched in May 2014, though its founder has been covering music for a few years prior to this.


Where are you based?

We are based in the vibrant music-mecca mountain city of Asheville, North Carolina (USA).


Are you a regional, national or global publication?

In these early days, our event coverage is concentrated in the Asheville, NC vicinity, where our founders reside.  As we get more established, and attract contributing photographers / writers, we’ll expand our coverage regionally, including the cities of Charlotte (NC), Atlanta (GA), Greenville (SC) and Nashville (TN).  From there, we’ll go national, and then global!

Can I use an image from the Front Row Focus website?

All images on the FRF website are copyright protected and require a licensing agreement for usage.  Most of the photographs featured on the FRF website are available for licensing for web and for print publication.  If you are interested in using an image (or multiple images), please contact us with the specifics of your needs, including the specific image, and the details of usage.  More information about licensing can be found HERE.

Are your photographers available for hire?

Absolutely!  If you are interested in having a FRF photographer cover an event, or work with him/her in producing imagery for your promotional material or for CD art, we'd be happy to discuss this with you.  Simply contact us, and we'll take things from there. 

How can I become a Front Row Focus contributor?

Our immediate needs for contributors lie in Asheville, NC.  Ideally, we would like to work with folks who serve the dual purpose of providing both photography and gig preview / review copy.

As we are a “photo-centric” publication, it is essential that your music photography is top quality, likely requiring that you have a pro-level DSLR – at least one body – and fast glass.   Prior to assigning you to cover a gig, we’ll need to see a tight portfolio of gig photography, and a sample or two of your writing.

If you are interested in being a contributor outside of Asheville, NC (particularly Charlotte (NC), Atlanta (GA), Greenville (SC) and Nashville (TN)), please register your interest with us.  It won’t be long before we expand into other areas, so we’d like to have a few folks waiting in the wings to join the FRF team.


I am an artist and would love to be featured in Front Row Focus.  Will you cover one of my gigs and/or conduct a feature interview and CD review?

Best bet is to contact us and we’ll take things from there.  We’re always looking for fresh material in FRF, and we love to give props to emerging artists, particularly those in the Asheville, NC area.


I would like to advertise in Front Row Focus.  How do I do that?

As our on-line presence grows, we will be featuring “banner ads” on the FRF website.  Please contact us if you are interested in placing an ad.


Will the FRF logo and copyright appear on the prints and products that I purchase?

No.  The watermark is only on the website images to help prevent folks from stealing our images and using them on other websites.


Where can I get a Front Row Focus merchandise?

Coming soon!

Front Row Focus - FAQFront Row Focus - FAQ